How to assemble your 18650 cells into a bigger pack When doing your power wall its important to get all into packs or strings depending on how you refer to it. Im going to use 14s80p. That is 14 packs of each 80 cells inside. That will form up a […]

18650 pack building HowTo

Automatic transfer switch – The one from China…   If you are like me and is working on solar electricity you want everything and little more. In this case you want fail safe so that if your inverter stops working you want your house to be switched over to the […]

Automatic transfer switch that you should avoid

Fake 18650 cells from scam-sellers   Yes that´s t fact! Many of the cheap cells out there are fake and unfortunately many buyers don’t know about this. I have therefore done a raid on Ebay and did buy every one that was cheap and i though was scam. I did […]

FAKE & SCAM 18650 batteries

How to create your own temperature logging for your charger On this page i will briefly go through and show you guys how i made my own temperature logging and did add that to one of my Opus BT-3100 chargers.   Tools needed: screwdrivers pliers soldering iron hot glue gun […]

Create your own temperature logging for your Opus BT-3100 charger

The first post on this page! DIY Tech & Repairs is created just to collect all my major projects where it need more information than could be held in a video! Don’t miss my channel on Youtube!   On this site you will find all details and instructions to my […]

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