Ebat battery review In this quick article i will show the result of the tests of the Ebat batteries I have done. Links in bottom of page. Equipment and test scenarios Icharger Duo 308 for testing capacity Flir I7 to meassure the temperature of the cell Logger on PC for […]

Ebat battery review

Lets build a universal serial port adapter for your Raspberry pi Check video out for detailed instructions!   List to buy stuff: (Ebay links) Pin headers: https://goo.gl/TKv3QN Silicone wires: https://goo.gl/mhLPGp MAX3232 TTL converter board: https://goo.gl/ziUsU4   The mini version of the adapter The slightly larger version Raspberry PI pinout      

Raspberry PI serial port adapter build

Get your Raspberry PI up and running to visualize your solar system with Grafana, MQTT and Node Red! Its important to understand that this is not magic stuff that will create all this wonderfull graphs for you! It will need you to do some work and also have some knowledge […]

Raspberry automatization ISO for Solar

My solar layout in Esperyd This page containts the layout of my solar system in Esperyd. It also contains details about how i process my cells.   Current system consist of: 66x 260w solar panels 80kWh of LiFePo4 18650 recycled cells -> 4 rows of 16s300p 30kWh of Li-ion Laptop […]

Esperyd current Solar layout – General information

Installing Batrium BMS on a Valence 12V LiFePo4 battery In this short article im going to cover the procedure in written text to cover the gaps i may have missed in the video.   Procedure: I first start with removing the cover of the battery itself. If you dont know […]

Install BMS on a Valence 12V LiFePo4 Battery

Balance leads how to Today we are going to quickly go into how to add balance leads to your battery pack. Just make sure you align the contact correctly like below. (Sorry for blurry image)

Balance leads how to

Building Opus charging station Material used: (All links below will take you to eBay) Watt/volt/amp meter  Opus Bt-3100 charger/tester Ac connector Cable Sleeve Heat shrink Plexi glass 2.5mm DC plugs Some mixed wires to connect it all together 12V 30A PSU  (Note that a better choice is a server PSU. […]

Building Opus Test/Charge station

Bluetooth speaker box build Today we will focus on building below bluetooth speaker box.  I will not go into details in this article today because i dont have the time. But i will list all essential stuff needed: 3s BMS: http://amzn.to/2mDKDNz 3s BMS from Ebay Bluetooth amplifier http://amzn.to/2lhlXJB 18650 cells. (I took […]

Build Bluetooth speaker box

1s active balancer review Today we are taking a look at the 1s balancer from www.gne2010.com. And no did not get those for free. I payed for them myself! What is a balancing system good for? This is not an in depth analysis of how a balancer works nor why […]

1s modular active balancer reviewed and trashed!

Cable Slicer DIY Today we are going to take a look on how i did build my cable slicer.   Tools needed Drill Nuts and bolts razor blade Tools preferred and used by me Angle grinder Mig welder   How to I’m using 20mm*20mm iron pieces i found. I cut […]

Build your own cable slicer