Install BMS on a Valence 12V LiFePo4 Battery

Installing Batrium BMS on a Valence 12V LiFePo4 battery

In this short article im going to cover the procedure in written text to cover the gaps i may have missed in the video.



I first start with removing the cover of the battery itself. If you dont know how to get it off check out my other video on that topic:

I remove the old BMS hardware inside. Just beware of and be careful when it comes to cutting the cables because they are hooked up to the battery. If you short any of the balance leads on the right side of the board you will melt them and most likely shit your pants (Yes, I have tested it.. not shitting my pants but shorting the cable…)

I start with connecting the contact on the outside together in paralell and then hook each one of them up to the existing balance leads. Their purpose is that i can hook up 1 or more in paralell to this pack for increased capacity. They also serve as a way for me to hook up a manual meter for analyzing the current voltage of each cells.

When soldering all your wires together its not always about making the most prettiest wire loom but its about making sure its safe and follow any standards. Heat shrinks and some cable ties will do a lot here. As you see i first heatshrink every individual wire and then add a cable tie followed by another heatshrink. This will make sure they all stay nice and tidy.

Next we go into the part that I think most of you are here for. Lets get the Longmons from Batrium mounted.

For those of you who want a more detailed video im working on that one now that will describe in detail how you setup the batrium system first time!

In this video i mount the longmons with cable ties and double sided tape. The tape can be ignored and is perhaps a better way. The tape itself can isolate so that the mons wont dissipate all heat needed when balancing. Though i have not been able to tell if it is an issue right now.

I mount my mons on the outside. Disadvantage is that i will not have any battery monitoring when it comes to temperature. I will be adding that separately. I first drill holes on the top to have the wires coming through. Then i add another 4 holes that is for the stripes to hold the mons.

When thats done i just mount the mons on the side. Do NOT over tight the stripes to much! They should just gently hold them in place.

Next is to add the cable loom. i prepare the cable loom by first cutting of the connectors since I need to extend them. Current wires are 26AWG and this may seem thin but there is a rather big reason for this. If something short out the wire will act like a fuse and burn off rather quick! If you check below diagram this is pointed out.

Second thing to beware of is that you cannot tie the cables together for each long mon. They need separate wires to the battery tabs. The reason for this is that you will have a voltage drop across them. And if the 2nd longmon take a measurement during the first is balancing the voltage will be off. So always run each of them to its own thicker terminal. Its also recommended not to have to thick cables if you extend.

I extend mine with ~12-15cm and heat shrink it of course.

Its then time to solder them in place. I just take one at a time and add to the terminals. then i add back the insulation cover and seal it up with some duck-tape.

Pushing the battery slowly back into the case making sure the wires to the mons is not tied up and slides in. When thats done i just hook up the communication leads and after that the power lead. The mon will light up green followed by a quick red blink and that shows its up and running!

You are now done! Thats how i install the Batrium BMS into my batteries from Valence.

More info about how Batrium is installed in general will come!


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