Esperyd current Solar layout – General information

My solar layout in Esperyd

This page containts the layout of my solar system in Esperyd. It also contains details about how i process my cells.


Current system consist of:

More info to come.

To help me out dont forget to use below links to buy usefull stuff that i think is worth checking out! (Ebay links)

MPI 10KW hybrid inverter:
MPPT 7210 Charger controller:
PIP 4048 from Germany
PCM60X MPPT charger

Stuff that I also have used in my setup:


Below information is currently partly updated. Its pending some for the battery layout. To see the full image click this LINK


Current incomming power

This is how it currently looks like. The first image for the electrical part and beneath that the laptop batteries will be. The 2nd image is the main battery bank.

Processing cells

Processing cells is a time consuming task. Whats important when you do process them is that you do it with one and the same type of tester. Do not use 3 different types because that will give you 3 different values.

Example is that Im using my Opus board for testing where i have 10 Opus chargers. (Build video)

The variations in between all those can be up to 10%!! And stuff like temperature and other factors will cause changes too. Also if you start to compare the Opus numbers they may be close to real numbers but at same time way off to other chargers and this is due to how they test. If you want to read more about this just google “Opus review”

I use my numbers from the Opus only as a “number” Where i say that 2000mAh or above is good for my wall. This is something that  you yourself need to decide. Why do I say that? Because if you got cells that from start was 3400mAh then 2000mAh may not be working for you since that is a major degradation.

18650 processing flow


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