The complete solar best buy list

This list is under construction. It will contain drawings and even more usefull stuff for people that want to start!

Youtube channels to follow

as 3 of them. The first is mine.


Small setup 12V

100w solar panel:
Smaller charger:


MC4 incl cable
MC4 crimper tool:
Battery breaker:
Sona 5x batteries
12V solar inverter


Medium kit 24V

250w panels. atleast 500-1000W
Cables so that you can hook up the panels with the inverter
MC4 crimper tool:
Battery breaker:
25mm2 cable
25mm2 lugs

Sona 5x batteries

Epever solar chargert:
PCM60x charger
24v Inverter

Big kit

250w panels. Get atleast 2-4kW
Cables so that you can hook up the panels with the inverter


Prebuild 2 string breaker box
Prebuild 6 string breaker box

Battery breaker:
50mm2 cable:
50mm2 lugs:

200A shunt trip breaker for battery!
Pip 5kW inverter
Solar MPI Hybrid inverters

Need to be rebuild to 48v system. But this is a good deal!
Sona 50x batteries



4×5 battery holder
36SWG 5A fuse wire:

3phase sdm630 power meter for din
1phase sdm120 meter
Raspberry pi
Raspberry pi 3.5″ screen



Manual crimper tool:
MC4 crimper tool:
Heat shrink
Soldering iron model big:
Soldering iron Weller. (Best you can get)
Suunko 709ad spot welder:

Sunkko 709ad+ Spot welder:
Soldering station
Clamp meter with inrush current meter
Up to 70mm2 cutter
Up to 240mm2 cutter

5V powersupply for tp4056
TP4056 charger
12V powersupply for Opus
Opus bt c3100 18650 tester and charger

DVM Mastech MS8268

Glass fuses for soldering


Mixed 18650 cells from Ebay! This is the real deal!






Sunkko 709ad+ spot welder

Clamp meter:
Weller soldering iron

Glass fuses 2A

18650 holder

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