What do i need? Enough resourses available to run Mosquitto brooker and Watchmonudplistener Some skill and follow my guide https://github.com/Batrium/WatchMonUdpListener If you run Homeassistant Core and especially not on ARM go here and read!! https://secondlifestorage.com/index.php?threads/esperyd-s-raspberry-pi-project.999/post-73412   First of all there are basically 2(or 5+) ways of installing this. Either you […]

Integrate Batrium into Home Assistant part 1

This list is under construction. It will contain drawings and even more usefull stuff for people that want to start! Youtube channels to follow https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI6ASwT150rendNc5ytYYrQ https://www.youtube.com/user/nocrf50here https://www.youtube.com/user/hooptejoe as 3 of them. The first is mine.   Small setup 12V 100w solar panel: https://goo.gl/jfSyrn Smaller charger: https://goo.gl/YzHPYV   MC4 incl cable […]

The complete solar best buy list

Sonoff POW setup with the Grafana/Raspberry image   Gear that can be purchased: Sonoff mixed search on Ebay: https://goo.gl/PHjssZ Sonoff the one used in the video and that I use: https://goo.gl/p6xuaH FTDI adapter: https://goo.gl/PrGULv Wires to adapter: https://goo.gl/4oHTuu Header pins: https://goo.gl/gvpxHz   Link on how to install the Tasmota software Code used in […]

Sonoff POW setup with the Grafana/Raspberry image

Spot fake 18650 cells   How do we spot fake cells? I recommend to check above video.   43-48gram in general 1500-3400mAh are nominal capacities to be found Max current around 20A. But those have less capacity in general and are expensive Price from 2USD/2EUR and upwards. Easily 4EUR. Check […]

Spot fake 18650 cells

Measure grid consumption – Raspbery pie In this video i go through how I hook up my energy meters for measure the energy consumption. Both sold and bought from grid.   This is how its hooked up to the RS485 device: Build it Building this setup is easy. Modbus protocol […]

Measure grid consumption – Raspbery pie

Lets build a universal serial port adapter for your Raspberry pi Check video out for detailed instructions!   List to buy stuff: (Ebay links) Pin headers: https://goo.gl/TKv3QN Silicone wires: https://goo.gl/mhLPGp MAX3232 TTL converter board: https://goo.gl/ziUsU4   The mini version of the adapter The slightly larger version Raspberry PI pinout      

Raspberry PI serial port adapter build