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Temperature, humidity and light sensor in one simple package for almost no money!     Links to buy the stuff ESP01 and programmer https://ebay.to/2IvlzFA GY49 Light sensor module I2C https://ebay.to/336Z6Xi SHT21 Temperature Sensor I2C https://ebay.to/2Opqc89 3.3VDC Step down module https://ebay.to/2LS1rQi Flexible silicone wires https://ebay.to/2olbZOM Ferrules and tools https://ebay.to/35h9w8C Crimper and […]

Universal MQTT wireless sensor based on ESP-01

Building Opus charging station Material used: (All links below will take you to eBay) Watt/volt/amp meter  Opus Bt-3100 charger/tester Ac connector Cable Sleeve Heat shrink Plexi glass 2.5mm DC plugs Some mixed wires to connect it all together 12V 30A PSU  (Note that a better choice is a server PSU. […]

Building Opus Test/Charge station

Bluetooth speaker box build Today we will focus on building below bluetooth speaker box.  I will not go into details in this article today because i dont have the time. But i will list all essential stuff needed: 3s BMS: http://amzn.to/2mDKDNz 3s BMS from Ebay Bluetooth amplifier http://amzn.to/2lhlXJB 18650 cells. (I took […]

Build Bluetooth speaker box