Build your own cable slicer

Cable Slicer DIY

Today we are going to take a look on how i did build my cable slicer.


Tools needed

  • Drill
  • Nuts and bolts
  • razor blade

Tools preferred and used by me

  • Angle grinder
  • Mig welder


How to

I’m using 20mm*20mm iron pieces i found. I cut 2 up in roughly length of 25cm.

They are then stacked on top of each other and tacked in the ends to stay that way until I drilled all the holes.

I drill 3 holes on one of the ends that will be for the screws. I did weld one of the ends but you can of course also just use nuts and bolts instead!

I put the piece down in the side and then i marked out the holes for the cable to be put through. Those holes should be just slightly bigger than the cable itself. I recommend to test this.

When thats done its just a matter of sticking the knife in between the 2 pieces and tighten it all up. Put it up in the wise and enjoy how easy it is to cut cables! 🙂

I dont have much of images here in this article and refer to my you tube video instead.

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