Build battery disconection and fuse panel

Build battery and fuse panel

In this video i show you how i did to create my own breaker and fuse panel for my main battery bank including voltage meters.


Working with large scale system like this then proper rated fuses and breakers are a must.
AC and DC behaves differently and therefore make sure you check the characteristics based upon your setup.

First of all the fuses: 80VDC is the max voltage rating on the ones i have chosen. General rating of the ANL fuses are 32VDC. If a fuse fails and doesn’t protect the components or systems its no use and could cause big issues.

Installed disconnection switch in this video is rated for 48VDC systems and the current they can break is 200A and and continuous 300A. This should always be way above the fuse and what you intend to use. The breakers linked below is 275A continuous.

I have chosen my fuses in such way that i can remove 2 of the 4 strings without having to much issues. Same with the breakers.

Having the ability to disconnect a string is perhaps not something that is needed even though it might be a nice to have feature. Recommendation is to have fusing between strings of batteries.

Hooking up the fuses and disconnection switches can be done on either the positive or negative side. The shunt should sit on the negative side and therefore the switch and breakers are as well.


A master fuse have been incorporated between the panel and the Inverters as well. 400A is the rating and should be the last protection against over current.


No, I dont have any plans or drawings for this and Its such a simple layout and I made it up as i go. Without being to boring for you guys i have tried add as much details as possible. Just comment here or on the Youtube channel and I shall answer!

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