1s modular active balancer reviewed and trashed!

1s active balancer review

Today we are taking a look at the 1s balancer from www.gne2010.com. And no did not get those for free. I payed for them myself!

What is a balancing system good for?

This is not an in depth analysis of how a balancer works nor why you should have it but merely generalized based on my thoughts around it.

When using Lithium based batteries we have a couple of rather critical factors to consider. When comparing this type of Chemistrys to other like Lead acid or NiMh, Lithium based ones are not as “safe”. Lithium based cells do store alot more energy and they also are able to punch out alot more Ampere compared to other types and combining this to a mix that are highly flamable….

When it comes to Lithium cells you want to make sure that 3 base factors are keept in certain levels. 4 if we include temperature but in general temperature comes out of the other 3…

Under voltage: Under voltage is generally not something that causes the cells to go boom but most of the times only causes degradation of them

Over voltage: Will cause reaction in side and this will then cause the heat to raise.

Over current: Will also cause internal reaction and heat to raise.

Many cells have a limit of around 120-150c. When going above that an internal reaction starts that in most of our terms will cause the cell to go BOOM and catch fire 🙂


Enough about that!

What about how to protect our self’s from above?
A BMS is generally what you want for protection. A BMS handles tons of stuff like:

  • Voltage protection
  • Current protection
  • Temperature protection
  • And keeps the cells balanced

Today we are taking a look at a device that only does the last thing. Why do we want to balance the cells?

If we have packs with different capacities tied together we all know that one pack will run out of juice before the others. Same goes at charging. (Bottom vs top balance)

By keeping them at same level all the time we will be able to get more out of the strings than we could if we need to stop when any of the cells reaches its highest voltage or lowest.


Lets take a couple of glasses of milk. Lets say we have 3 of them and we have 3 people wanting to drink!

They all start to drink when the glasses are full. They all drink equal amount of Milk BUT the glasses are not the same size! The same goes with batteries. Especially 2nd hand ones. They are not 100% the same!!

The glasses will then in the end up with different amount of milk left… To bad for the one with the smallest glass right? We have a solution for this! Its called “Balancing”

Its just a matter of actually making sure that they all have the same amount at all times. Thats what this device do.

If 1 cell have more than the other it distributes that energy among other cells and the other way around. If 1 cell have less than rest it will take some for the others.


So instead of having to stop drink milk you can continue as long as the milk is distributed (Same as energy in the cells)


What about the unit?

I was skeptic to it at first but after taking a look at it its very simple!

You hook 1 of them up to each pack in the chain. Then you have a common link in between all the cells.

The unit will then take the voltage of the cell. Multiply it by 10x and distribute that on the common link. Everyone in the chain will do that.

And if any of the cells have less voltage than any of the other the flow of electricity will be directed to that cell.

In short word: It makes sure that its even. And more positive it does this in what we call “Active” way.

There is balancers that are doing this in passive way instead… Whats that you may ask?

Passive is when you instead of balancing among each of the devices you just ditch the excess milk in the glass that have to much 🙂  You dont want to do that unless you need to. Its better to distribute.


Active balancing do cost yes! And this device is pricy at 24USD. Is it worth it? If you think you need a balancer then its worth it! Because this is also about safety. You dont want 1 of the packs to go above 4.2v and if balanced and your max voltage is set they wont! BUT I have a deal for you where you can get 18% discount on them. See bit further down!’


Do i recommend them?

If i think they are worth the money and they do work. Yes they do!  I still recommend that you have some sort of current and voltage protection to. But that can be added with any of the other cheap passive BMS systems out there. So if you need something today and dont want to spend 1000EUR on a BMS or you cant wait for the system i build or dont want to build your self order a set of those 1s balancers today!!


How do i get 18% discount?

You need to email sales_gne2010@163.com. You need to tell them that DIYTechandRepairs sent you there. By doing this you will be able to buy them for 20USD a piece instead of 24USD.

Dont forget to include your Name/address and of course if you want the Led or non led type. You could also buy the 4s version and if so that would cost 80USD a piece.

Freight included in whole world!  If you want faster shipping that will cost extra and this deal may change so dont forget to go there today 🙂


More info can be found here:


https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1S-single-cell-3-2V-3-3V-3-7V-lithium-battery-balance-equalizer-BMS-lithium-ion/32788338337.html  (Dont order from here if you want the 18% off!)


If you have any questions either post down below or on youtube. You can also reach me on

Diypowerwall forum  As daromer

or at their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/HBPowerwall-288199914850409/



More info about above balancers can be found here: https://www.google.com/patents/US7450402

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