What do i need? Enough resourses available to run Mosquitto brooker and Watchmonudplistener Some skill and follow my guide https://github.com/Batrium/WatchMonUdpListener If you run Homeassistant Core and especially not on ARM go here and read!! https://secondlifestorage.com/index.php?threads/esperyd-s-raspberry-pi-project.999/post-73412   First of all there are basically 2(or 5+) ways of installing this. Either you […]

Integrate Batrium into Home Assistant part 1

This guide describes how you can install the essential software running on a Raspberry PI to monitor and manage your solar system. Currently it supports MPP inverters and chargers, Batrium BMS. It also supports DIYBMS out of the box 🙂 This guide will describe from start to end how you […]

Raspberry PI solar system 2.0

Temperature, humidity and light sensor in one simple package for almost no money!     Links to buy the stuff ESP01 and programmer https://ebay.to/2IvlzFA GY49 Light sensor module I2C https://ebay.to/336Z6Xi SHT21 Temperature Sensor I2C https://ebay.to/2Opqc89 3.3VDC Step down module https://ebay.to/2LS1rQi Flexible silicone wires https://ebay.to/2olbZOM Ferrules and tools https://ebay.to/35h9w8C Crimper and […]

Universal MQTT wireless sensor based on ESP-01

ESP8266 to monitor electricity with SDM devices and send to MQTT Here I show you guys how you easily can get it setup and to monitor your electricity with an ESP8266 and a couple of meters. Data is then sent to MQTT and processed with Node red and forward to […]

ESP8266 to monitor electricity with SDM devices and send to ...

This list is under construction. It will contain drawings and even more usefull stuff for people that want to start! Youtube channels to follow https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCI6ASwT150rendNc5ytYYrQ https://www.youtube.com/user/nocrf50here https://www.youtube.com/user/hooptejoe as 3 of them. The first is mine.   Small setup 12V 100w solar panel: https://goo.gl/jfSyrn Smaller charger: https://goo.gl/YzHPYV   MC4 incl cable […]

The complete solar best buy list

Sonoff POW setup with the Grafana/Raspberry image   Gear that can be purchased: Sonoff mixed search on Ebay: https://goo.gl/PHjssZ Sonoff the one used in the video and that I use: https://goo.gl/p6xuaH FTDI adapter: https://goo.gl/PrGULv Wires to adapter: https://goo.gl/4oHTuu Header pins: https://goo.gl/gvpxHz   Link on how to install the Tasmota software Code used in […]

Sonoff POW setup with the Grafana/Raspberry image

Spot fake 18650 cells   How do we spot fake cells? I recommend to check above video.   43-48gram in general 1500-3400mAh are nominal capacities to be found Max current around 20A. But those have less capacity in general and are expensive Price from 2USD/2EUR and upwards. Easily 4EUR. Check […]

Spot fake 18650 cells

Breaker and fuse panel
Build battery and fuse panel In this video i show you how i did to create my own breaker and fuse panel for my main battery bank including voltage meters.   Working with large scale system like this then proper rated fuses and breakers are a must. AC and DC […]

Build battery disconection and fuse panel

Measure grid consumption – Raspbery pie In this video i go through how I hook up my energy meters for measure the energy consumption. Both sold and bought from grid.   This is how its hooked up to the RS485 device: Build it Building this setup is easy. Modbus protocol […]

Measure grid consumption – Raspbery pie