Fake 18650 cells from scam-sellers   Yes that´s t fact! Many of the cheap cells out there are fake and unfortunately many buyers don’t know about this. I have therefore done a raid on Ebay and did buy every one that was cheap and i though was scam. I did […]

FAKE & SCAM 18650 batteries

How to create your own temperature logging for your charger On this page i will briefly go through and show you guys how i made my own temperature logging and did add that to one of my Opus BT-3100 chargers.   Tools needed: screwdrivers pliers soldering iron hot glue gun […]

Create your own temperature logging for your Opus BT-3100 charger

The first post on this page! DIY Tech & Repairs is created just to collect all my major projects where it need more information than could be held in a video! Don’t miss my channel on Youtube!   On this site you will find all details and instructions to my […]

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